Matt Moriarity

I'm surprised by how painless it is to upgrade our kubeadm-based clusters to v1.13.1. Much less scary than I thought it would be.

The hype for Kelsey Hightower's KubeCon talk has been intense. I've gotta watch this as soon as I can!

It is terrifyingly windy in Austin right now. If I go outside, I might just blow away, never to be seen again.

I went ahead and watched this talk, it's really good. Rick clarified a lot of things that were still fuzzy for me, and really demonstrated the power DynamoDB has if you design for it.

The replies to this tweet are a treasure trove of entitlement. We need to learn as a culture that buying a good doesn't mean we have a blank check to make demands on the producer.

I'm looking forward to getting to catch up on all the KubeCon talks once slides or video are online.

A Philosophy of Software Design is great, but the part that stuck with me most is about comments. I used to avoid them, thinking my code spoke for itself. I've completely changed. I now find many cases where I can make my code clearer with a few words.

This largely rings true for me. I'm working with (and digging) Kubernetes for my job in infrastructure, but for my own stuff, Serverless has a lot to offer me as a developer.

Finding that the less I care about catching a PokΓ©mon, the more likely it is to succeed, even under the worst conditions.

I've just published my first npm package: nunjucks-s3-loader. It's a small piece extracted from my blogging engine. It lets you easily use nunjucks to render templates stored in S3.

I think our dogs get more cuddly and adorable in the winter because they're cold.

I wish I could be at KubeCon this week! I got into this stuff a bit too recently for that to be practical though. Hopefully I'll be able to attend next year!

Every NoSQL database I've used so far has been based around a similar idea: what if you never had to think about how you put data in, and instead devoted all of your energy into figuring out how you're ever going to get it back out.

The 12" MacBook is good for a lot of things, but compiling TypeScript is not one of them.

Well, I thought I was going to publish my first npm package today, but I accidentally unpublished it and locked myself out for the next day. I guess I'll just publish it tomorrow.

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