Matt Moriarity

Y'all were right: Russian Doll is really cool but that code review scene is a joke. A sick, sick joke.

I'm beyond excited about the Link's Awakening remake for Switch. That game is very special to me. The footage they showed looks great!

I'm a huge sucker for good theme music, and The Adventure Zone's Amnesty theme music is just incredible. It just hooks me every single time.

Bezos vs. National Enquirer is just Hogan/Thiel vs. Gawker 2.0. Just like last time, both sides are awful.

I was just about to get up and tidy up a bit, and then the dog cuddled up real close to me so I guess that task is gonna need to be pushed out a week.

Apparently today is the day that Ubuntu, Terraform, and vSphere decide they don't like each other anymore, and I have to figure out how to make them get along.

I think I'm constantly confusing Rob Delaney and John Mulaney when I read their names.

Everyday I wish there was an established AWS-level cloud provider for macOS VMs, but I know if there was they would probably have a single-digit number of serious customers so I get it.

Adding Honeycomb events to the blogging engine since now there's a free community edition. I really like Honeycomb and use it for work, but I was sad I couldn't justify using it for side projects (it's definitely priced more for real products).

Switched back to zsh yesterday and set up the Pure prompt. I really like it! My favorite thing is that apparently it does some of its work async, which means it doesn't cause the prompt to lag for some Git information.

Told my wife I was gonna watch the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary and she was very upset that it wasn't called Dumpster Fyre.

"Simply" seems like you're making yourself sound fancy and smart, but it usually just makes you sound like an elitist jerk.

There is no such thing as a self-made billionaire.

Is today the day I reevaluate my entire shell setup? Probably.

ADHD level: turn on kettle for coffee, go sit at desk, hours pass.

I have been in planes and airports too long today for this final flight to be delayed. With every passing second, I'm slowly losing my mind. I've been awake so long, I just want to sleep.

The season 3 finale of The Good Place legit made me cry a little bit. Can someone remind the writers this is a comedy show!? 😉

Suddenly realizing I should probably already be asleep to get up for my flight home tomorrow, but writing code is much more fun than sleep.

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