Matt Moriarity

March 2019

Do you ever get a reaction on one of your Slack messages and can tell immediately who did it without even checking?

Yay! A new Adventure Zone: Amnesty episode is out! I'd been getting withdrawals.

Cadence of Hyrule is the mashup I never knew I needed. The soundtrack would be exciting enough on its own, but we also get a whole game of this!?

I realized the other day that if an organization is toxic, it's always the fault/responsibility of leadership. Either they've failed to remove a toxic person from the organization, or they are themselves toxic.

I think a big part of why Swift was adopted so eagerly by the iOS dev community is from being stuck in a language without its features for so long. People were itching for them from experience with other languages, and couldn't resist pushing for adoption.

I was walking down the sidewalk and saw a speed limit sign, and my brain decided it needed to check if I was actually going under 25mph.

I unpacked all my Hue bulbs but I can't find which box has the hub for them!

If you're using Chrome, 1Password X definitely works a lot better than the Chrome extension that talks to the Mac app. I was almost never seeing prompts to save my generated logins, but 1Password X works much better.

I've used Swift, Go, and TypeScript enough now that putting the return type at the front of the function a la C looks wrong to me. It's no longer where I look for that information.

My house is now very full of boxes. Let the unpacking begin!

Very excited for all of my stuff to arrive at the new house tomorrow. I want my desk and my kitchen tools back!