Matt Moriarity

Building a Budget Gaming PC

In my time in college, my gaming preferences have changed and developed. I came into college as mostly a console gamer, a Nintendo guy specifically, and I wasn’t particularly serious about it. As time has gone on, I’ve moved more towards playing games on my computer and, especially recently, have gotten way more into it. For instance, I bought twenty-two new games in the Steam summer sale.

Fever: Goodbye, Google Reader

Lately, I’ve been trying to move myself away from Google products as it is feasible. I feel uncomfortable with how much of my information is kept with Google, but I’m not going to switch from services where the Google product is the clearly the superior one. Now the time has come where Google Reader is not a clearly superior product. Whereas previously, Google Reader was the de facto solution for syncing RSS feeds, a new contender has appeared: Fever.

Logitech Harmony 200

Months ago, I lost the remote to my TV. Anytime I wanted to change the volume, I had to get off my lazy ass and hit the button on the TV. If this were a tweet, I would feel compelled to suffix it with ”#firstworldproblems.” Of course, the purpose of this post is not to complain about things that deserve no genuine complaint.

E3 Reactions

It’s the second day of E3, and I’ve had a chance to see some of the things that have been shown off. I’ve definitely seen a few things I like, so I figured I’d note some of the games I’m most excited to see.

Tom Bihn Smart Alec

I’ve been wanting a new backpack for a little while now. I’ve been in college for four years, and I’ve been using the same backpack since before then. It has shown some wear, and it has accumulated quite a bit of cruft. I decided to look for a solid replacement, and basically every source I trust for recommendations spoke highly of the Tom Bihn Smart Alec.

Diet Coda

The good folks at Panic have announced Coda 2, a huge update to their fantastic web development application. Along with this announcement comes Diet Coda, where they have taken the idea of Coda, a comprehensive suite of web development tools packaged together, and applied it to the iPad.

Check it out if you do any amount of web development. As nice as Coda is, I don’t own it because I don’t do enough web site work to justify it. But Diet Coda will only be $9.99, at least at first, and at that price, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist. It looks fantastic!

Diablo III Released at 12am PDT

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t care less about Diablo III. This was a rather shallow opinion: I had never played the previous two Diablo games, so I was just going on appearances. Many of my friends seemed really excited about it, though, so when an open beta became available for a weekend, I took the opportunity to try it out.

Adobe Charging for Security Update

Update: Presumably due to the amount of notoriety it received for this, Adobe has decided to release an update to CS5 that includes the fixes for this vulnerability.

Adobe posted a security bulletin earlier this week which describes vulnerabilities in Photoshop CS5 that, if exploited, would allow arbitrary code execution. There are no known attacks exploiting this vulnerability, so if this is now fixed, it’s not a very big concern.

And it is fixed, but only in Photoshop CS6, a paid upgrade that was only just released.

RubyMotion: Ruby for iOS

RubyMotion is a new software development package for making iOS apps with Ruby. Just looking over their site, there’s a lot to like, especially if you’re the type who’s not so fond of Xcode, although I would personally disagree.

Das Keyboard

A Das Keyboard is one of those things I always wanted, but wouldn’t actually purchase. $130 is not a small amount of money for a college student to spend on a keyboard, so it was always to easy to dismiss as something I didn’t really need.